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Nuclear Power: Villain or Victim?

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"This is a superb book.----Carbon's brilliance is his ability to explain such a wide variety of important topics in so few words.----Carbon effectively explains technical issues with sufficient simplicity that the public and young students can readily understand them.----ANS members should see to it that this book is distributed as far and wide as possible." Albert B. Reynolds in Nuclear News. For the complete review, please visit http://ans.ep.wisc.edu/~ans/point_source/BookRev/max_carbon.html

"This book--is without a doubt one of the best general audience books I have read regarding nuclear power.----This is an exceedingly good
book--." Noojin Walker in The Science Teacher. For the complete review, please visit http://ans.ep.wisc.edu/~ans/point_source/BookRev/max_carbon2.html

"It is amazing how in just 100 pages the author has included so much valuable information about nuclear power.----The safety of nuclear power is phenomenal when compared with the hundreds of thousands who have died from --." John L. Hubisz in The Physics Teacher. For the complete review, please visit http://ans.ep.wisc.edu/~ans/point_source/BookRev/max_carbon3.html

"--all radiation physcists should be required to read Nuclear Power: Villain or Victim?.----Perhaps the most striking point is the truly outstanding safety record accomplished by nuclear power generation in the United States.----Which leads to the conclusion and theme of this small volume-radiation scientists must play a pro-active role in educating the public and legislative bodies to a rational and factual policy regarding nuclear power." Paul M. DeLuca, Jr in The Health Physics Society's Newsletter. For the complete review, please visit http://ans.ep.wisc.edu/~ans/point_source/BookRev/max_carbon4.html

by Max W. Carbon,
Emeritus Professor of Nuclear Engineering,
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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