3rd Supercritical Information Exchange Meeting

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Supercritical water information exchange meeting April 29th  and 30th , 2003

Room 1025, Engineering Centers Building
Madison, WI

List of Participants

Tuesday April 29th

8:30 INEEL side meeting on heat transfer aspects of SCW (pdf)   INEEL Hosts
1:00 Welcome to University of Wisconsin - Madison Corradini

Core Design and Design Criteria

1:15 Short presentation by Westinghouse (Power Point) Oraini
1:30 INEEL: Core designs with and without water rods (Power Point) Buongiorno
1:45 Japanese expert on recent core designs( pdf) Yamada
2:00 Discussion and agreement on the baseline core design Corradini
** Additional slides on ANL HELIOS calculations( Power Point) Kim
** Additional slides on ANL MS2 mixed spectrum SCWR ( Power Point) Kim
** Additonal slides on CANDU-X( Power Point) AECL
** Additonal slides on INEL-AltDesign( Power Point) INEL

Thermal-Hydraulic and Safety

3:00  INEEL: SCWR response to LOFA and other transients (Power Point) Buongiorno
3:15  Univ. of Tokyo on safety analysis of SCLWR-H (Power Point) Oka
3:30  SCW stability (Power Point)( Power Point) Yang, Jain
3:45 AECL on safety related issues (pdf) Khartabil, Pioro
4:00 Toshiba on SC fluid heat transfer expts(pdf,) Yamada
4:15  MIT on stability(Power Point) Saha
4:30  Discussion  Corradini
6:00  Tour of UW SCW Loop Anderson
Wednesday April 30th

 Materials and Chemistry

8:30   "Good" SCWR Candidate materials  ( Power Point)(Power Point) Was,Mitton
8:45 UM SCW corrosion progress( Power Point) Was
9:00   ORNL materials progress to date in screening SCW fossil-fired  (pdf) Wilson
9:15  Japanese materials reserach  (pdf ) Yamada
9:30  UW corrosion research  (Power Point) Anderson, Sridharan
9:45   ANL presentation on SCWR radiolysis (Power Point) Bartels
10:00   Discussion  Corradini
1:00 Tour of UW SCW Loop Anderson

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