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4.5. Fluids Other Than Water For Separated Flow Model

The bulk of critical two-phase flow data is for water. Calculations have been reported for liquid metals in Reference [12] and cryogens in Reference [13]. No predictions for other fluids have been independently worked out so what can be recommended for other fluids is based on judgement. The recommendation is first the critical pressure ratio curves of Figure 4.7. may be used for other fluids. It is then recommended that the homogeneous equilibrium model, for the fluid in question be used to calculate a critical flow mass velocity. Now, one might assume that the ratio of the actual flow to the HEM flow is the same for water and the fluid in question when the density ratio and quality is the same. This procedure is sparsely tested against experimental data. One should carefully compare the fluids to water based on similar critical property ratios, density ratios, latent heats and other thermodynamic properties.

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