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at                          Thermal Diffusivity

A Area

Af Flow area occupied by liquid

Ag Flow area occupied by gas

Ai Internal tube surface or interfacial area

Cp Specific heat at constant pressure

Cv Specific heat at constant volume

c Sound speed

D Diameter

Dd Bubble departure diameter

Dh Hydraulic diameter

Fr Froude number

f Friction factor

G Mass velocity

Gr Grashof number

g Gravitational acceleration

h Convective heat transfer coefficient

i (or h) Specific enthalpy

ifg (or hfg) Heat of vaporization

j Volumetric flux (superficial velocity)

k Thermal conductivity

L Length

tex2html_wrap_inline84 Mass flow rate

Nu Nusselt number

P Pressure

Pe Pecklet number

Pr Prandtl number

Q Volumetric flow rate

q Heat transfer rate

Re Reynolds number

r Variable radius

Ro Gas constant

R Pipe Radius

St Stanton number

s Specific entropy

T Temperature

t Time

u specific internal energy

V Velocity

Vgj Drift velocity

Vr Relative velocity

We Weber number

X Flow quality

Xeq Thermodynamic equilibrium quality

Xtt Martinelli Parameter

u,v,w Velocity components

tex2html_wrap_inline98 Specific volume

dP/dz Pressure gradient

Greek Symbols

tex2html_wrap_inline100                           Void fraction

tex2html_wrap_inline102 Difference (out-in) of X

tex2html_wrap_inline104 Volumetric flow quality or thermal expansion coefficient

tex2html_wrap_inline106 Film thickness

tex2html_wrap_inline108 Ratio of specific heats

tex2html_wrap_inline110 Interfacial mass flow rate

tex2html_wrap_inline112 Wavelength

tex2html_wrap_inline114 Dynamic viscosity

tex2html_wrap_inline98 Kinematic viscosity

tex2html_wrap_inline118 Wetted perimeter

tex2html_wrap_inline120 Stress tensor

tex2html_wrap_inline122 Shear stress

tex2html_wrap_inline124 Mass density

tex2html_wrap_inline126 Surface tension

tex2html_wrap_inline128 Contact angle


d                            Dispersed phase

e External

f Liquid phase

g Gaseous phase

i Internal or interface

m Mixture

o Stagnation value (velocity = 0)

r Relative

w Wall

cr Critical value

nb Nucleate boiling

SP Single phase

TP Two Phase

sub Subcooled

scb Subcooled boiling

sat Saturated

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