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The functions of the Center can be divided into three categories:
  1. Research
  2. Education
  3. Public Service


Although the Institute does not offer courses, it supports instruction of undergraduate and graduate students via faculty and staff teaching in the Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics major. For example, Institute research programs provide financial support for graduate students, and research results are incorporated into formal courses. Several courses benefit from research on the campus (e.g. NEEP/ME 520 Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer, Med Phys/NEEP 569 Health Physics, and NEEP 571 Economic and Environmental Aspects of Nuclear Energy), and new courses are in development.

Research at the Institute provide basis for offering continuing education short courses (both non-credit and credit outreach) involving nuclear systems issues. Institute staff are currently preparing one such course on their research. The Institute will make additional courses available through new distance learning technologies via Web-based instruction.

While the Institute facilitates educational activities, all courses are developed by faculty as a part of their normal responsibilities in their academic departments. The Institute does not assume the characteristics of an academic department.

Public Service

The Institute has access to equipment for experiments and theoretical calculations, and has research staff trained in the use of such equipment. This enables the Institute to assist any individual principal investigators not having the necessary expertise for particular diagnostics in an experiment or usage of some specific type of computing equipment. The ability of the Institute to address current nuclear systems issues is of value to industry and to state and federal agencies as well as to University research investigators. Some of the faculty members for the Institute have research grants from Wisconsin industries dealing with specific issue; e.g., UIR grants with nuclear utilities. The Institute helps focus these efforts, to derive the most benefit from the researchers for the particular industry.
Last Updated: March 3rd, 2002

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