College of Engineering
University of Wisconsin - Madison

EP Wisconsin Institute of Nuclear Systems Sama Bilbao y León

Ph.D. Candidate and Research Assistant

131 Engineering Research Building
1500 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706
Tel: (608)263-2802
Fax: (608)263-7451

5 Mechanical Engineering
1550 Engineering Drive
Tel: (608)265-4607


Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics

BS/MS 1992, Power Engineering, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ETSII)
MS 1995, Nuclear Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Phd expected 1998, Nuclear Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Research Interests
Thermal Hydraulics, Heat Transfer, Multiphase Flow, Nuclear Reactor Safety and Technology.

Centers and Consortia
Wisconsin Institute of Nuclear Systems
Thermal Hydraulics Laboratory

Articles and Publications
  • Bilbao y León S., Ulfig R. and Blanchard J., "Teaching the Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations Using Excel 5.0", Computer Applications in Engineering Education, 1996.

  • Additional Experience

    As a research assistant at the University of Wisconsin Madison, Ms. Bilbao y León has participated in the ACE-Extension Project re-analyzing the ACE experiments and evaluating and improving the capabilities of the code CORCON-UW (now called INJECT).

    In addition, she is in charge of the design and building of an experimental set-up to study the process of formation and stability of a solid layer as it solidifies from a molten pool and the heat losses through this layer. This facility will also consider the influence on thermal hydraulics of the solid fraction withing the molten pool. This project is supported by EPRI.

    Ms. Bilbao y León has also collaborated with the European Union in the Benchmark Exercise on Expert Judgement Techniques in PSA Level 2 by analyzing the FARO experiments with the computer code TEXAS.

    Ms. Bilbao y León is an active member of the American Nuclear Society, and a firm advocate of nuclear science and technology. Currently, she belongs to the Younger Generation Working Group that is producing a report that will provide the International Nuclear Societies Council (INSC) with the views of the younger generation of nuclear professionals. [an error occurred while processing this directive]