College of Engineering
University of Wisconsin - Madison

EP Wisconsin Institute of Nuclear Systems Robert C. Chapman

Research Assistant

Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics

BS 1995, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, University of Missouri - Columbia

Research Interests
Large scale vapor explosions

Centers and Consortia
Wisconsin Institute of Nuclear Systems

Articles and Publications
  • Chapman, R., Pineau, D., Corradini, M., "Mitigation of Vapor Explosions in One-Dimensional Large Scale Geometry with Surfactant Coolant Additives", Submitted to International Seminar on Vapor Explosions and Explosive Eruptions, AMIGO-IMI, Sendai, Japan, May 22-24, 1997.

  • After completing his bachelor's degrees in Physics and Mechanincal Engineering in 1995, Mr. Chapman came to the University of Wisconsin to obtain his master's degree in Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics. He is continuing the experiments started by H. S. Park at the WFCI facility involving large scale vapor explosions and is investigating the effects of surface tension changes on vapor explosion energetics. The ability to suppress or mitigate these explosions on a large scale by adding small amounts of surface active agents could prove to be valuable to the nuclear industry in terms of reducing the likelihood of damaging vapor explosions in a severe accident scenario.

    In addition, WFCI experiments will be run with iron oxide as the fuel using a specially designed high temperature furnace. These experiments will also prove to be valuable to the nuclear industry, since iron oxide is a more prototypic reactor material.

    Preparations are also underway to replace the current test section with one that has twice the diameter to study mixing effects of large scale vapor explosions.

    Also, Mr. Chapman is performing manual benchmarking calculations of TEXAS-V, and will be updating the online user manual with these results.

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