College of Engineering
University of Wisconsin - Madison

EP Wisconsin Institute of Nuclear Systems Jeffrey A. Crowell

Ph.D. Candidate and Research Assistant

142 Engineering Research Building
1500 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706
Tel: (608)265-4573
Fax: (608)263-7451


Engineering Physics

BS 1991, Mechanical Engineering, Tufts University
MS 1995, Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
PhD expected May 1999, Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Interests
Fusion Technology, Mechanics, Materials, Heat Transfer, Finite Element Analysis, Hardness Indentation Testing, Radiation Damage, Computational Magnetics, Electromagnetic Disruption Effects

Centers and Consortia
Fusion Technology Institute
Wisconsin Institute of Nuclear Systems

Selected Awards and Honors
Academic Prizes 1992-1993, 1993-1994
Member Tau Beta Pi (starting 1989)

Articles and Publications
  • J. A. Crowell, J. P. Blanchard and the PULSAR Team, "Fatigue life of the plasma-facing components in PULSAR", Fusion Engineering and Design, 27 (1995) pp. 515-521.
  • PULSAR Tokamak Reactor Study--Final Report, to be published
  • J. A. Crowell, WITCH--An Axisymmetric Finite Element Code for Simulating Indentation Experiments, Master's Thesis, UW-Madison, 1995.
  • R. L. Miller, et al., "Stellarator Power Plant Study--Final Report", University of California, San Diego report UCSD-ENG-004, 1997.
  • M. S. Tillack, et. al., "Configuration and engineering design of the ARIES-RS tokamak power plant," Fusion Engineering and Design, 38 (1997) pp. 87-113.
  • F. Najmabadi and the ARIES team, "Overview of the ARIES-RS reversed shear tokamak power plant study," Fusion Engineering and Design, 38 (1997) pp. 3-25.
  • D.-K. Sze, et. al., "The ARIES-RS power core--recent development in Li/V designs," Fusion Engineering and Design, 41 (1998) pp. 371-376.
  • ARIES-RS Tokamak Reactor Study--Final Report, to be published

  • Additional Experience

    As a research assistant at the University of Wisconsin Madison, Mr. Crowell has used computational methods to treat thermal, mechanical and electromagnetic problems. He analyzed fatigue in the first wall of the pulsed fusion reactor design PULSAR. He has also analyzed a loss of coolant accident in the SPPS stellarator design.

    Mr. Crowell has extensive experience using the ANSYS finite element code. He created the finite element code WITCH, an axisymmetric, large-deformation, elastic-plastic structural code for simulating indentation of materials by hard indenters.

    He has evaluated the first wall stresses and electromagnetic disruption loads in the ARIES-RS tokamak design. Currently, he is researching improved methods of predicting electromagnetic disruption loads. He plans to develop design guidelines for tokamaks to make them more resistant to these events.

    Mr. Crowell has been active for years in UW-Madison's branch of the American Nuclear Society, serving as its public information chairman, president, and currently as governor.

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