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EP Wisconsin Institute of Nuclear Systems Eric P. Loewen


Tantalus Building Laboratory Manager

737 Engineering Research Building
1500 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706
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Fax: 608-262-6707


Tantalus Laboratory
UW - Kegonsa
3725 Schnieder Rd
Stoughton, WI 53589
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Engineering Physics

B.A. 1983, Chemistry and Mathematics, Western State College
U.S. Navy Nuclear Power School (1984)
MS 1992, Nuclear Engineering University of Wisconsin -Madison-
Candidate for PhD, Nuclear Engineering University of Wisconsin -Madison-

Research Interests
Measurement of Phase Volume Fractions in a Transient Multiphase Flow Using X-Ray and Gamma Ray Absorption Assessment Techniques .
Molten Metal Processing of Mixed, Radioactive, and Hazardous Wastes.
Plasma Processing of Materials

Centers and Consortia
Wisconsin Institute of Nuclear Systems

Significant Accomplishments
  • Licensed SRO, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 1989-1993.
  • Inventor, U.S. Patent 5,555,822 (1996), "Apparatus for Disassociating Bulk Waste in a Molten Metal Bath."
  • Surface Warfare Officer, United States Navy
  • President, American Nuclear Society, Student Chapter, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1991-1992

    Professional Affiliations
  • Current Member, American Nuclear Society

  • In 1983, Eric graduated from Western State College, Gunnison, Colorado and was then commissioned in the U. S. Navy. Selected for the U.S. Navy Nuclear Power School (NPS), he completed training and was graduated in 1984. Based on his performance, he was then retained at the NPS as an instructor in Nuclear Power Plant Operations. In 1985, Eric was assigned as Reactor Officer on the cruiser USS LONG BEACH (CGN-9), where he also served as Quality Assurance Officer, Mechanical Division Officer and Officer of the Deck. Eric completed his active duty Naval service in 1988 and enrolled at UW-M, where he received his M.S., Nuclear Engineering degree in 1992.

    Recruited to Molten Metal Technology (MMT), Eric joined the company in 1993 and led the research efforts in the following areas:

    Eric returned to UW-M in January 1998 to complete his Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics. While completing his research as a dissertator, Eric is also in charge of the safe operation of all experimental operations at the Tantalus facility which include a linear accelerator producing 9MeV gamma rays, an apparatus to measure the energy produced from steam explosions, and a liquid sodium experiment to perform fundamental research of magnetic fields.

    Personal Affiliations
  • Licensed Foster Family for Dane County Health and Human Services
  • IronMan Triathlete [an error occurred while processing this directive]