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Engineering Physics

MS 1992, Nuclear Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
MS 1985, Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Research Interests
nuclear reactor safety and operations, computer code simulation of molten fuel coolant interactions.

Centers and Consortia
UW Nuclear Reactor Laboratory
Wisconsin Institute of Nuclear Systems

Articles and Publications
  • Murphy J. G. and Corradini M. L., "An Assessment of Ex-vessel Fuel/Coolant Interaction Energetics for Advanced Light Water Reactors", Nuclear Technology, January 1997.

  • Additional Experience

    Mr. Murphy is a licensed Professional Engineer currently working in mechanical and nuclear engineering at The Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison. His duties involve performing nuclear reactor safety studies using computational fluid dynamic (CFD) based codes and operating as a licensed Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) at the University's nuclear reactor facility. Utilization of large FORTRAN hydrodynamics codes is the primary methodology used at UW to analyze nuclear reactor accident scenarios. IFCI and CTH are computer models used to simulate fission reactor based accidents and fuel-coolant interaction (FCI) experiments. Both are under development at Sandia National Laboratory. CTH simulates strong shock wave physics while IFCI is used as a best-estimate for analysis of phenomena related to mixing of molten nuclear reactor core material with reactor coolant (water). System level simulations on fusion reactor designs are performed with the code MELCOR, also developed by Sandia National Laboratory. Previous CFD work involved updating physical models for the Engine Research Center (ERC) code KIVA, developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory. In general this code is used to analyze internal combustion engine dynamics, but has general applications in a number of areas, specifically in jet breakup which is useful in FCI analyses. An additional effort involved taking the existing KIVA code and building a version that can be run on a parallel computer platform. This was accomplished on the UW SP2 cluster using IBM RS6000 workstations.

    Mr. Murphy's duties in the nuclear reactor laboratory require him to supervise licensed nuclear reactor operators during normal operating cycles. He is routinely involved in all operating aspects of the University's 1000 KW pulsing TRIGA reactor. Performing extensive maintenance on electrical and mechanical systems is a large portion of his current responsibilities. He also put together a two week summer seminar on reactor systems and operations that was taught to visiting faculty members from Prairie View A&M University. His other duties involve maintaining compliance with Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) requirements and preparing for relicensing of the reactor facility for June of 2000. [an error occurred while processing this directive]