College of Engineering
University of Wisconsin - Madison

EP Wisconsin Institute of Nuclear Systems Dominique Pineau

Research Associated

Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics

BS/MS 1994, Ecole Centrale de Paris, France.
MS 1995, Mechanical-Aerospace Engineering, Technische Universität München, Germany.

Research Interests
Heat Transfer, Fluid Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Thermal Hydraulics.

Centers and Consortia
Wisconsin Institute of Nuclear Systems

Articles and Publications
  • Chapman, R., Pineau, D., Corradini, M., "Mitigation of Vapor Explosions in One-Dimensional Large Scale Geometry with Surfactant Coolant Additives", Submitted to International Seminar on Vapor Explosions and Explosive Eruptions, AMIGO-IMI, Sendai, Japan, May 22-24, 1997.

  • Additional Experience

    Mr. Pineau is a visiting researcher in the department of Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics with the support of Electricité de France (February 96 to May 97).

    During his stay at the UW-Madison, Mr. Pineau has performed some experimental work in the area of vapor explosion mitigation by the use of surfactant additives to the coolant.

    In addition, he is working on a thermodynamic model of vapor explosions using the thermal detonation wave theory, and he is participating in the modelling of the expansion phase of the vapor explosion. Mr. Pineau intends to apply these models to the geometry of a French PWR containment.

    The goal of this numerical work is to implement a new module in the program MAAP (Modular Accident Analysis Program) allowing for a better simulation of a steam explosion and its consequences on the containment.

    After May 1997, Mr Pineau will be at:

    Groupe Thermohydraulique des Systèmes
    6, quai Watier - B.P. 49
    78401 Châtou Cedex

    Phone : (33) 1 30 87 76 07
    Fax : (33) 1 30 87 79 49
    e-mail (contact) :

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